Guarantee our essentials

An essentials guarantee



An Essentials Guarantee, is a proposal by Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) in partnership with The Trussell Trust, that aims to set the standard rates for single people and for couples of Universal Credit at a level that would protect people from going without essentials. The Essentials Guarantee would embed in our social security system the widely supported principle that, at a minimum, Universal Credit should protect people from going without essentials.

The campaign aimed to have longevity, which required continual development. Partnering with another organisation meant building a working relationship on a common ground due to two different professional approaches to create a style that worked consistently on both distinctive channels and corporate identities.

The briefing also expected to have part of the creative work used by two different agencies, and communicated to multiple audiences at different moments of the campaign. It covered multiple channels such as social media, printed material on different formats, three different reports, three different websites, charts and infographics, and short videos.

All these variables provided me with a unique challenge to ensure a consistent visual communication. In order to achieve this, I provided a large number of proposals, very specific guidelines, and many templates. Thanks to that both agencies and the Trussell Trust designers were able to use the brand identity in autonomy replicating the identity across multiple channels.


Erika Becerra


JRF and The Trussell Trust


Animation and illustration style by Flow, Activation by Don't Panic

Project location

England, UK