Keep the lifeline

Keep the lifeline





This campaign called on the Government to keep – not cut – the lifeline of £20 a week in Universal Credit
and Working Tax Credit in October 2021, and to extend this support to people receiving legacy benefits.
It was launched by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) in autumn 2020.
Since then many organisations supported the campaign on social media. For this reason, as a part of this project,
I produced style guidelines for our allies and partners on how to present a cohesive visual identity for the campaign.
It was designed for web and social media only and its colour scheme uses the JRF brand RGB swatches.
I wanted to share the stories of those in the UK who have been pulled into poverty and reflect the findings of our research.
It is a collection of iconic portraits from those who were most hit by the Covid-19 pandemic:
Low paid workers, ethnic minorities, disabled people, women, children, lone parents and families.
The choice of imagery (which in this page is summarised and not complete) wants to reflect these groups.


Erika Becerra


Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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England, UK