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Talking About Poverty





The Talking about Poverty (TaP) is a project in collaboration between JRF and FrameWorks UK, a not-for-profit communications research organisation which focuses on supporting mission-driven organisations to apply strategic communications research in practice. This project gave me the opportunity to brand a whole venue for a public event. It was designed as a modular geometric pattern to ensure qualities such as being replicable, transferrable and adaptable to a different range of both digital and printed supports. The distinctive design theme was projected on multiple size screen videos, during the event and printed on stand-alone tall banners. A booklet and badges in-style were provided to the participants. The TaP project has grown and changed during these years, a report was published more recently which for I provided a full social media pack, a report cover and webinar invitations.


Erika Becerra


Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Project location

England, UK